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Full text of "S'ina sapa wocekiye taeyanpaha = Catholic Sioux herald"

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JANUARY, 10, 1900. 


welcomed by all 

harbinger of 




have i 


the p re- 
in em by 


:m praoti 

J At ly. A. Jl, 


j church for undniglu JUss. After 

! High Mass, sermon- and benediction 

■vnent the people 

i with light and happy hearts dispers- 

■ their respective., homes for a 

liule rest, 

icond Mats, was at the Sis- 

chool at 3 .'- m.. Also the 

I the third and Highmass which began 

tl | at 10-I'jO a. m. The Fatigue of the 
revioiis night did not prevent the 
* j Indians attending in large numbers, 
the Blessed Sacra 
j luem hi 4 i\ M. and thus ended with 
the blessing of our Infant God and 

v-Year is another season 
of rejoicing for all but, especially 
Ue opening of a new cen- 
tury has a particular 
ier by the prb ileg 

Pope, for 
j the ce 


■' by Bened 


jar's day wa! . day for tap 

i Indians of Crow Hiii parish, who 

had their celebration on that day, iu 

ry were joined by tne in- 

l dians from all over the reservation. 

and in faei 

especially ror 

the Past 





not xh 

fa hv 

What feast comes between -Epi- 
as ; phany and Lent? 

The feast of the Pen 

THE " ? BGLX. 

What is particular about this feast? 

- blessing of the candies, '...which 

Ives $ SlSDAT. 

Why has the Church instituted 

To- remind us'" that Jesus Christ is 

Le kght of the world, and that j 

v Him with joy, as' 

men ad revelationerr? gentium; 

eh is repeated after each verse of 

Nunc fiimittis. 

- - ' should the Caif- 

nev should be made only < 

' .. '.-.-■ used for or- 

dinary, every day purposes, at 
example to light up the house? 

that wov sowing too 

little respect for the candies blessed 
prayers of the Clinch. 
i To what use, then, should t: 


They may be lighted in the house 
during a storm, during prayer, or 
before a picture ot statue, on ai 
tory or little alt;;*-, by the bed-side 
of the dying, or by the side 

Willi t in ma' y pi:- with 

the candles at Mass on Candlemas 

They arc lighted and carried in 
the hand during; th -ion if 

there fee one. at the Gospel, 'and 
from Elevation to the Communion. 

We wish t -oar 

Indians that, il 
they should think of renewing 

the Pa-. 
ail the old subsci ime is 

up. The payments 
Prayer Book is also behind- 
hand. Though. 25 cents is ve- 
ry little it comes very slowly, 
and yet, we depend on the 
payment of thi tyer Book 

he imp. T the 

Eyanpa ha, w I id to 


Be Pleasant 

JjKarn to laugh. A good laugh 
is better than medicine, 
to tell a story. A well-told story is 


to bare for your ills and sorrows. 

rour creating, If you 

cannot see any good in the world 

keen' the bad to yourself.' Learn to 

hide your pains'and aches under a 

Tears clo well enough in novel; 

on the stag diey are out of 

i real life. Learn ti 

d ha- 
mored man or woman is always 
is not wanted anywhere, 
a nuisance 

Morning and Night Fra 

One of the most important < 
of a Christian is daily prayer. The 
wants of th< 
well as those of the 
the Fathers 

necessary for the life of a plant, so 
prayer is n< • ,r the life 

soul.' 'this imparl should 

be faithfully observed, and 
possible let it be a famih 
as this is 'more ph 
Our Lord said that: When several- 
are gat here 


lie, unl iraVers, or at 

and harmony Feign in tiie I 
and tiit pr> 

words of the Holy 
-ud pleasant for brothers to 
dwell in one." These home exei 
es of piety your children will 


No borne should be without holy 
water. When one enters a house 
and perceives the holy water font, 
it is a sin igion is there 

signs of Catholicity 
please and edify. This watertbr 
i^ci&l blessiiig of the Ol 

It 1 as t'tr* 


on the 
1 iploys it in most 
august ceremonies. It sh( :: 

n every sleeping apartment, 

and used both morning and night. 

The Catholic in should teach of the 

1 instruct th. 



Dfferan ex< 

£, or if 

kmc W; ^&ry in ordet 

him thetn 

. reel by the 


■ is a vessel in 

the Hosts are kept , 

rom which the priest gives holy 

SHr y | Communion to tfee fcitbful. Whilst 

311 ts - |tt Hosts, it 

"° nr | should be in a covering of 

silk, or of elotii of gold or sii- 

■ • (UiK.uLA or Lum 

It is a little ease or gold, pt 
► j ver plated with gold, having a dou- 
" ble glass, in which tiie saore 

rioaed in order to place, it in 
tensor! um 

I U-L - U « 

V\ hat is the Ostensons;. 
The ostensorium, which word com 
. an the Latin, means, to show, 
-nd to expose iu 
: tanner, 1 

-> the ceremonies of 

Tbey are the Cruets, the 1 
sional Cross] the Censer, 
Boat, the Holy water Vessels* the 
pies and Banners. 

What are the Cruets? 

They are small ve 
of metal, in which are put the 
and water for the Mass; tr« 
placed upoi le, in a 


What is ihe I 

It la a Cross fas staff,- 

which is carried in processions. 

What is the Censer? 

It is a small brazier, h 
chains, and used to burn incense 
before the Blessed Sacrament, and 
in ih ruumies of the 

What is the incense boat? 

is a little vessel of metal, in the 
its name, 
which serves to contain the incense 
■ B censer. 
at are Holy Water 
They are the vessels which con- 
tain the holy vvnter; they are of se- 
veral kinds: the holy water vessel. 
which is to be carrie< 

na tor 

eela hv 
qou ell 
el afaii 

w api kin 

kayapi ktaon o.v 
ota onkistiinapi na olthwapj 
waoncinpi na wjoasa wak» 

blezapi an'i 
oeyuhapi. gni. Lena th wo- 

isiiima el onqonpi iyei 
woawacm owotaiiia na fcieo 


okahnisje sni, yuha wacin ani, ■ 
si koni uu on etanhal 

cekiye tawiuohan ei tor;. 
glubapi eb | waste na 

owot;. jUi iwwoc 
giak onpi hena v 
opapi na kolian awicas 
vaciliii tut tuwa owotaul«, < ;l 

ein he caote ttiahel wokipa 



who has re 

itted to touch 
ven when the 


i have 
.. them 


hi. naaguyapi egfna wa 

na kigla - -Matt, xiii. 


itsapa woceki- 

onkopapi na heon etanhan to- 

kel woowotanla wuauagoptan na wo 

el wieotian yukeya kiktahan 

maonnipikta iy. ieasa na win- 

yan iyohila tokel v.oistirue ei owkjcf- 



tuwa el ayq 

;ia na ^onihinciy 

ban onpi kffi bena tako 
kta ok i hi pi; jritn 
e! oUnpapi 
kiktahan on qou pi kta maftpiya e 
onyakapi kta. Matt. . 
in SI; 45^ Psalm, taxih ; 

aered Vessels and 

va kin • 
:sa toi 

are fcb 

sacred ves